Volunteer with a local charity and help us to provide essential support to people living with dementia

We are actively seeking volunteers for several roles at our community Dementia Hub in Tangmere

Join our friendly volunteer team at our friendly dementia Hub for just a few hours a week or month and be part of a new local charity. For more information about volunteering for a local dementia charity:

telephone: 01243 888 691 or email: info@dementia-support.org.uk

Activity Support Volunteers

Carolyn Popham

“I really enjoy volunteering for Dementia Support, I think this is a wonderful charity with lots of potential as the Hub is developed. It is great to see people living with dementia accessing fun and stimulating group activities and be part of the friendly team environment at the Hub.”

Michael Turner

“At a Dementia Support coffee morning I became aware of the incredible plans that it has for it’s Hub at Tangmere and felt that I could make a meaningful contribution that would benefit those affected by dementia.

 I volunteered to create watercolour art sessions that would provide a relaxed environment where visitors could interact with others at the hub through painting.

Watercolour painting is a wonderful and relaxing pastime that takes you into another world, it creates a wonderful distraction from the problems that surround us all.

At Dementia Support I have the opportunity to pass on my passion for watercolour painting through art sessions for those with dementia but equally for their carers. It gives me immense pleasure to see incredible images being created by all the participants during our art sessions.”

Hannah Johnson & Evieae Kezra – Art Students, University of Chichester

We both chose to volunteer at Dementia Support for our 2nd year work placement.  Working with people living with dementia was a good option for us as Evieae had already been working on memory loss for his art projects.

We bring project ideas to the group and then oversee everyone as they create their own individual art pieces.

We really enjoy being part of the group and working with people living with dementia. You realise the benefit of art as therapy when a carer tells you that the person with dementia hasn’t spoken about something in years, and then they have suddenly recalled those memories in the art sessions.