Individual Supporters

We value the support of all individuals, whether that is through a one-off or a regular gift, or supporting us in another way. We can work with you to help you give in the way that is most meaningful to you.

If you’d rather send us a donation by post, you can download our donation form here.

There are also many other ways you can give to support our work with some ideas listed below. We are grateful however you choose to help. Your support helps us continue to help people to live well with dementia.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. Find out about how you can support our work – email us or call on 01243 958 460.

A gift in celebration

A great way to support Dementia Support is by giving in celebration. Whatever the occasion, you can make a real difference. Instead of gifts for your next big celebration, why not ask your friends and family to donate to Dementia Support instead?

A gift in memory

A gift in memory allows you to remember someone special through a donation dedicated to them. Here are the ways you can give charitable donations in memory of a loved one.

Gifts given at a funeral or memorial

Charitable donations are increasingly commonplace at funerals now. You can choose Dementia Support as the recipient of donations at a loved one’s funeral by liaising with your funeral director or by contacting us directly.

A gift in lieu of flowers

Families often ask for donations to Dementia Support instead of flowers at the funeral of a loved one. The phrase ‘in lieu of flowers’ doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no flowers at the funeral; often it means that the family may have decided to limit floral tributes to immediate family only and others are invited to donate to a named charity if they wish. Your funeral director will be able to advise you on the different options.