Dine together with friends and raise money for Dementia Support


#DINE19 is all about getting friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to dine together and raise funds for Dementia Support. From dinner parties to picnics – coffee to cocktails. You choose how you want your DINE19 event to be.

Dinner or cocktails

Go elaborate – host a fancy dinner party or prosecco & cocktails

Picnic with friends, family or work colleagues

Picnic in the park with your church or sports club

Host an Indian Summer BBQ

Make the most of an Indian summer and grill in the garden

Bring and share with work

Hold a potluck lunch or coffee and cake at work

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick a day, time & place

2. Choose how to DINE

3. Save the date & invite your guests!

4. Collect in the cash

Download your fundraising pack!

Here’s everything you need to organise and host your event – a mini guide, promotional tips, how to collect in your donations, a money return form, place mats and name cards for your event table, paper chains to print and make to decorate the room or table, food toppers, and a poster to welcome your guests.

How to ask for donations

Be clear that you are hosting a fundraiser. We can send you a small collection box which you can display for your guests to pop their donation in. Alternatively, re-purpose a jam jar or any tupperware, which also make handy collection tins!

How about a virtual collection box? You can easily set up a #DINE19 virtual collection box online, where your guests can donate on your event fundraising page. The money then comes directly to us, which means less work for you!

Text a donation

You can also ask your guests to donate to your event by text.

We’ve set up a special text code so we can see how much our DINE 19 fundraisers are giving. It’s so simple. To donate £10 just ask your guests to text DINE to 70085. This costs £10 plus a std rate message.

If they’d like to choose another amount, then they simply text DINE followed by the amount they wish to donate (up to a maximum of £20) to 70085

Can’t host an event – then make a donation

Fundraising isn’t the only option. Why not donate the amount you think you could have raised through an event instead?

If you’d like some more information, a cardboard collection box or just to tell us what your plans are – email or call on 01243 958460.