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Thanks to the fantastic support of Dementia Support from the local community, our unique Wayfinder service is free, timely, and ongoing for all families struggling to cope with dementia. It’s life-changing, and particularly important over the festive period which can be so overwhelming for people living with dementia.

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Please help more families TODAY to find their way to live well with dementia.

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The challenge is growing – every 3 minutes somebody will develop dementia. It is now the leading cause of death in the UK. Currently, 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia.

Our services reduce loneliness, give the best quality care and provide hope. We want all families in our local area who are living with dementia to have this help.

    Watch Anne and Bob’s story about their dementia journey with us at Dementia Support.

Our Wayfinding service has provided both Anne and Bob with personalised guidance, practical help and much needed emotional support.

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To find out more about how you can support the Wayfinder Appeal email us or call 01243 958 460.


could provide an appointment with a Wayfinder at Sage House for someone living with dementia and their carer

To donate text ‘WAY’ to 70085 to donate £10. This costs £10 plus a std rate msg.


could provide an appointment with a community-based Wayfinder and access to dementia-friendly outreach activities

You can choose to give any amount up to £20. Simply text WAY and add the amount you wish to donate e.g WAY20 to 70085.


could provide yoga mats for 5 people to attend dementia-friendly Thai Chi sessions

This will cost the amount you donate plus your std rate msg.


could provide community Wayfinder support and access to dementia-friendly outreach activities for a family living with dementia for a year

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I broke down in tears, I wasn’t coping… I can’t tell you  what a relief it is to have somebody that says, ‘I get it. I know where you’re coming from’.

AnneWife and carer

I tend to rely on Dementia Support as I’ve had a lot of help…a lot help as a carer, right from the beginning.

SheilaPartner and carer

I volunteer every Monday. It’s so wonderful that people can come here and get the information they need. I feel a lot of satisfaction from being able to help people.

SylviaWayfinder volunteer

Find out the difference we make

Anne’s story

In 2014, Bob and Anne enjoyed busy, active lives, and were looking forward to retiring together. But when Bob was diagnosed with dementia, everything changed. Each new day brought fresh challenges. They struggled to cope, until they first came to Sage House.

“We knew that something wasn’t right, but the diagnosis was still a huge shock. Bob had always been so healthy and active – he was a carpenter, martial arts teacher and an Army Veteran too. The man I love, the man I married, started to disappear. Our whole world turned upside down. Bob struggled to come to terms with his condition, especially when his driving licence was revoked. Meanwhile I felt utterly bombarded with information, form filling, and taking on responsibility for both our lives.

Over the last few months, our Wayfinder has helped keep Bob occupied and happy through organising a placement at a carpentry workshop. She’s also helped me secure funding for Bob’s care, and we now have a carer who comes in to help me during the week. Having the carer means I can get ready in the morning without worrying about Bob. He comes into the kitchen looking like a shiny new pin, with a big smile on his face. It’s made a huge difference for both of us.”

Sheila’s story

Sheila’s partner Martin was diagnosed early 2018 and they started to come to Sage House when it opened in May that year. Martin now comes three times a week to our Day Breaks service and in Sheila’s words, “he loves it!”

“When you look back you can see things were happening but really officially it was last year he was diagnosed with short term memory loss and then the start of Alzheimer’s. I don’t know what I would have done without Sage House actually. I think Martin would have probably had to go into a home because I certainly couldn’t cope with what was going on. The routine of it seems to settle him.

I’ve had a lot of help, a lot of help as a carer, right from the beginning. It’s so convenient to be able to talk to people if necessary. The team help me work out strategies to get around new problems. They are amazing.

I feel at home here. We’re part of a community. It’s an anchor really, and it must be for a lot of people.”

Sylvia’s story

Sylvia’s husband Bill was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer’s in 2013 and he sadly passed away in May 2018, just before Sage House opened. Sylvia has volunteered at Sage House ever since and her experiences of caring for someone with dementia are so valuable when talking to others who are going through similar experiences now.

“I love coming here, it’s part of Bill’s legacy. I’m so proud, every time I walk through the door. It’s fantastic to see how it’s developed, from just a shell of a building, it’s amazing. I volunteer every Monday for a couple of hours, and on a Friday I bring two of my friends for Singing for the Soul. Music is brilliant for dementia. Bill would have been 80 the week after he died. He used to love listening to all sorts of music.

We had our trials and tribulations. I remember when Bill was first diagnosed, he used to sit and cry. He’d say, why can’t I do this or that any more? It’s a cruel disease. Very cruel. But I knew that it was the dementia, and now I can help people understand what’s happening for their loved one.”