Coping with the current crisis is hard for all of us. But for vulnerable people self-isolating with the challenges of coronavirus AND dementia – it can be a struggle to just get through the day.

Brian, 76, and wife Sheila, 82, live near Chichester, and had been visiting Dementia Support’s Sage House for over a year. Sheila has dementia, and now has difficulty in communicating. She’s often sociable and happy, but confusion caused by the dementia is emotionally distressing for both of them, day and night.

Brian has maintained regular contact with Jane, one of our specialist dementia staff at Sage House, since they started self-isolating:

“Sheila has real highs and lows. Sometimes we can dance and sing together, other times she forgets how to eat and drink, and shouts out in frustration. 

We both miss Sage House. I find it difficult to engage Sheila in any activities. Meanwhile, I am very lonely. A meaningful relationship with Sheila is no longer there. I just want to do the best for her, but it’s so hard.”

With Jane’s support, Brian is doing everything he can to help keep Sheila occupied and settled and to look after himself. They’re having a tough time, like so many of our customers, but regular, intensive support and resources are vital to help get them through. The situation is utterly exhausting for both of them – which is why constant communication with one of our specialist team members – day by day – is so vital.

“I have to compliment Jane for her frequent support. I feel like a human being again.”

Please donate now, and help more people living with the challenges of dementia AND the coronavirus to get through this crisis, day by day, and look forward to better times ahead.


could help distribute 100-page activity and advice packs to enable people living with dementia to keep busy and stay safe at home every day.


could help offer vital, daily telephone support from specialist dementia advisors to help people overcome the challenges they face.


could help keep some of our most vulnerable customers safe during the crisis through regular contact, liaison with other service providers, and deliveries of food and medicines.

could help ensure we are there to fully support people living with dementia day by day throughout the crisis and long into the future.

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An Update on our Wayfinder Appeal in 2019

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Through our Wayfinder Appeal YOU helped us raise over £850,000!!! This has helped us support 2,500 people whose lives are affected by dementia. People like Anne and Bob.

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