Dementia Support Hub Services

The Dementia Support Hub will officially open in Spring 2018. When fully operational, it will bring local dementia services under one roof and provide the latest support, information, advice and activities to those living with Dementia.

The Hub will provide the following services from Spring 2018:

  • Dementia Information

    Open Monday to Friday for anyone wanting to know more about living with dementia. With plenty of parking available, drop-in to learn more about the services available and access the latest information.

  • Health and Beauty Services

    To enhance wellbeing, the Hub will host health and beauty therapists who will be especially trained to support people living with dementia.

  • Innovative Dementia Technology

    Technology can be invaluable for helping people living with memory loss to remain independent, in their own home for as long as possible. We will offer the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest technology available and sample the latest innovation available for dementia care and support.

Hub Healthcare Services

The Dementia Hub healthcare partners will also provide:

  • Memory Assessment

    Attend a Memory Assessment Service clinic following a referral from your GP.

  • Befriending

    Our befriender service will allow everyone entering the Hub to talk to a responsive, trained person for essential one to one support and advice.

  • Day Care

    Pre-bookable day care services will be available for a half day or full day to provide time out for carers. Simply pre-book your day care session and relax in the surroundings of the Hub.

  • Meeting Rooms

    A selection of modern, functional consulting rooms will be available for healthcare professionals to hold group meetings, team events or bespoke functions.

  • Training and Education

    A range of specific training and education facilities for dementia service providers will be available, to ensure the latest dementia knowledge and training is shared.

Hub Community

  • A Community Café

    A bright safe environment where you can relax with friends and unwind.
    Enjoy afternoon tea with your family, meet friends for lunch or simply stop in for a coffee.

  • A Community Garden (2019)

    Our garden will provide welcome respite and a chance to connect with the outside world. Being outside can improve people’s sense of wellbeing and mood as well as providing physical exercise, helping maintain normal sleeping patterns.

  • Social Activities

    A wide range of meaningful social activities such as music and reminiscence groups.

  • Young Onset Dementia Services

Dementia Support Hub Plan