Meeting Cath our Day Breaks Support Worker

Cath Burrows is one of Sage House’s Support Workers. Before joining Dementia Supports Unique dementia hub, she worked in Care Homes supporting the elderly and vulnerable.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Cath just before before customers arrived for the day and talk to her about Dementia Support and her job role.

Luke Knight Marketing Manager

Luke Knight Marketing Manager

Cath Burrows – Day Breaks Support Worker

Cath - Day Breaks Support Worker

Cath – Day Breaks Support Worker

If you could describe Sage House in Three words, what would they be?
Fun, Happy, and Interesting.

How and when did you come to work for Sage House?
I used to live and work locally, so when Sage House was first built, I would read a lot about it in the Chichester Observer and on Facebook. When I saw a job ad for a Support Worker at Sage House, I knew this would be both a challenge, and something close to my heart.

What about your previous roles in Care Homes helped influence your current role?
My previous job roles gave me great insight into the day to day care of those living with dementia, including everything from feeding and drinking, right through to helping support other members of staff in their journey of supporting those with dementia.

Cath Burrows

Cath -The day before starting her career in care.

What are the Differences in the roles
At Sage House we allow people to be their very best selves and be who they want to be, they get to develop skills and show them off, this isn’t always the way in a Care Home.

What is your favourite thing about Sage House
Customers get to do something different everyday – something they wouldn’t always be able to do at home. Ultimately, we get to have a unique interaction with people, and people are happy here!