New Hub Build Blog

#DSBuild Week 7; The walls are in – take a look at our curves!


#DSBuild Week 6 The Hub is really starting to take shape now. Rooms are starting to appear, as are windows and doors where there weren’t windows and doors – its very exciting! Roll on spring 2018 when we open!

#DSBuild Week 5 – some before and after photos of the renovation work in the Hub. You can really start to see it all taking shape. Thank you to the Ascia Team for their great work


#DSBuild week 4 – we have walls! The new Hub is taking shape. These rooms will be the Memory Assessment Service and Consultation Rooms for information and advice. Looking good


#DSBuild Day 23 – Some of the walls are going in and they are core drilling the slab as we speak – noisy but essential work! Big thanks to builders Ascia for working around our customers so we can maintain our activities here at the Hub!

#DSBuild Day 18 – Hard hats were adorned for our first informal site review which went very well – as you can see smiles from Ascia’s Site Manager Tim, our Architect Nigel as well as two of #Dementia Support’s Trustees!

#DSBuild We are now in week 2 and walls are being pulled down, moved, rebuilt! The main work going on is a sound proof wall between the occupied and the unoccupied part of the Hub, so we can continue our activities and services without being disturbed by the building work. This will also seperate the units once the new Hub is open.

#DSBuild It has only been a week and there is already a huge difference. Ascia Contruction have done a sterling job clearing the Hub – take a look at these progress photos:


#DSBuild Day 5 – New staff uniforms have arrived!!